RnB Classics Live presents “INNERVISIONS” the music of Stevie Wonder

On February 17, 2018
19:30 - 21:30
Springfield Symphony Hall
34 Court Street
01103, Springfield

RnB Classics Live presents "INNERVISIONS" the music of Stevie Wonder - RnB Classics Live is a concept originally created by producer Carl Labate and music director Michael Van Allen to present a series of the greatest RnB Artists of all time, like newest installment in the series, “INNERVISIONS” the music of Stevie Wonder, "note-for-note, exactly as they were recorded using the best players in the country".

Stevie Wonder, one of the most influential and acclaimed black musicians of the early 1970's, sold over 100 million records.  According to producer Carl Labate, "to replicate “INNERVISIONS note-for-note is monumental, to say the least".  Labate started out with two singers that advanced to five singers.  In order to capture each song to its fullest and replicate the vocals of Stevie Wonder, it requires the talent of two men and three women.

With a full thirteen-piece band, including a harp player and four piano players, this show is a very powerful music experience. Not even Stevie Wonder himself presented his music in this much detail in a live concert. This is the future of tribute bands presenting classic music in the finest Theaters around the world much like the way Symphonies present Bach & Beethoven today. Click here for a sneak peek.

RnB Classics Live presents "Innervisions" the music of Stevie Wonder is a musical experience you will not soon forget!

Members:   $32/$28/$24

Tickets:       $37/$32/$27